Episode 072- Kealan Patrick Burke’s Kin

Episode 072- Kealan Patrick Burke’s Kin

Have you ever wondered what the aftermath of some of your favorite films would be like? For example, what would the personality of the final girl in the original Texas Chain Saw Massacre be like? What would the victims’ families do or feel after the crime? What made the villains tick? How did their family structure come about?

Just released in trade paperback after being a successful hardcover and e-book, Kealan Patrick Burke‘s newest novel, Kin, takes a fresh approach to Southern American horror. When a bleeding naked girl walks out of a forest near the farmlands of Alabama, a chain of events occur that brings about both death and deliverance to a large ensemble cast. After the horrendous crimes by a sadistic and morally twisted family, Kealan Patrick Burke focuses on the lone survivor and the families of those who have lost loved ones.

Kin is a tale that brings the elements of films and novels of such prominent talents as Tobe Hooper and Jack Ketchum. Yet Kealan Patrick Burke’s unique approach takes a well traveled tale and makes it innovative and original. If you are a fan of horror, here’s a novel that brings classic grind house to the page in a well written and heart wrenching tale. Dark Discussions discusses the novel and why it is a modern masterpiece. To conclude this week’s episode, Kealan Patrick Burke joins your hosts to talk writing and the inspiration of Kin.

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Episode 072- Kealan Patrick Burke's Kin

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