Episode 066 – Scott Sigler’s Infected and Contagious

Episode 066 – Scott Sigler’s Infected and Contagious

In 2001, an unknown author named Scott Sigler wrote a book entitled Earthcore which was released as an ebook during ebook infancy by Time Warner/AOL. With its success the novel was to be published in print. However it’s released was scrapped due to the economic downturn in the United States. When licensing reverted back to the author Scott Sigler decided to release the novel as a chapter by chapter podcast.

Having a following of over 10,000 individuals, Sigler continued to write and release his work as podcasts. In 2006, his novel entitled Infected (originally entitled Infection) was distributed and brought him immediate fame. The work of fiction gained notoriety due to its horrific violence, gonzo set pieces, and Michael Crichton like story telling. Bringing in audiences of techno-thrillers, horror novels, and science fiction, the story eventually was published by Crown Publishing and became a best seller.

The story revolves around Scary Perry Dawsey, an ex-collegiate American football player, who happens to be at the wrong place at the wrong time. While the CIA and the CDC follow an outbreak of a strange and unknown disease that turns its victims into homicidal maniacs and may have extraterrestrial origins, the reader watches Perry’s own battles with this ghastly phenomena while also dealing with his own childhood demons.

Dark Discussions discusses Infected and its fantastic follow up novel Contagious and how they changed the landscape of techno-thrillers and horror novels. Arguably the best horror novel never mind techno-thriller story in the past ten years, the two book series has made fans of thousands and tells a tale that’s arguably one of the most horrifying and most exciting stories ever put to print. Fans of Scott Sigler will be happy that a third in the series tentatively entitled Pandemic may be in the works.

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Episode 066 - Scott Sigler's Infected and Contagious

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