Episode 065 – Maurice Devereaux Focus:  2008’s End of the Line

Episode 065 – Maurice Devereaux Focus: 2008’s End of the Line

If you like smart cinema wrapped in a stylish genre film, End of the Line gives it to you. Some would say the movie was a tour de force for independent genre film making by one man. The movie, a 2008 Canadian production, was edited, produced, directed, and written by Maurice Devereaux. And with its fantastic practical special effects, the powerful musical score by Martin Gauthier, and the wonderful performances fronted by both Robin Wilcock and Joan McBride, the film’s screenplay dives into a relevant topic in today’s world.

Karen, a nurse at a large hospital specializing in psych patients, heads home late one night on the subway. Ever scary, a woman all alone in an awfully empty underground, her evening turns into a terrifying escapade when a group of strangers begin to perform violent acts of bloodshed. She along with other passengers group together in a desperate plan of escape as they are pursued by opportunists as well as folks who think they have a greater purpose.

Dark Discussions discuss a film that could be a supernatural apocalyptic tale with a conclusion that leads to demons, religion, heaven and hell, and judgment day. Yet is the film something more grounded in reality, where conspiracy theories, insanity, over zealous religious cults, or simply mundane criminal behavior are the reason behind everything? Rounding out the episode, the very talented Maurice Devereaux is interviewed to give us a bit of the secrets behind the mayhem.

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Episode 065 - Maurice Devereaux Focus: 2008's End of the Line

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