Episode 063 – Splinter (2008)

Episode 063 – Splinter (2008)

In 2008 a small film played the festival circuits to resounding critical praise. The film, entitled Splinter, brought a refreshing take on horror with the interesting concept of combining a siege film with both the familiar monster movie and body horror. Using biology, specifically a parasitic mold that in some way takes over parts of its host, the movie stays “small” allowing the concept to grow in a way that keeps it grounded in reality.

When a young couple’s tent breaks while on a camping trip, they decide to head to a motel for the night. On the way they are carjacked by a man and woman on the run from the law. What was supposed to be a tranquil weekend under the stars turns into a hostage situation. The group make a routine stop at a convenience store and gas station where they make a horrific discovery. A dangerous life form traps them inside the building which requires them to join together in a fight for survival.

Co-hosts Mike and Philip discuss the film and pay close attention to the science behind the creature. With a running time of only eighty-two minutes, the movie surprisingly is able to leave no stones unturned demonstrating how tightly written the script is. Join us and listen as Dark Discussions give their reasons why Splinter is a gem of a film that should not be overlooked by genre fans.

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Episode 063 - Splinter (2008)

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