Episode 056 – Simon Rumley Focus: 2011’s Red, White, and Blue

Episode 056 – Simon Rumley Focus: 2011’s Red, White, and Blue

In 2006, English director/screenwriter Simon Rumley became a sensation on the genre festival circuits with his film The Living and the Dead. Oddly folks weren’t quite sure where to categorize this amazing film. Having dramatic and literary elements yet dark and kinetic components, indy fans embraced the film and discovered a new and amazing talent within genre and horror circles.

Simon Rumley is a director that seems to stand on the frontier between the dark dramas of Paul Schrader, Cormac McCarthy, and Martin Scorsese while relishing in the intensity of the films of Jee-woon Kim, Chan-wook Park, and Xavier Gens. In 2010, he released the film Red, White, and Blue, a story of three people who’s lives collide head on when their dark secrets come crashing down upon them. Horrific, disheartening, and violent, Red, White, and Blue remarks on issues ranging as wide as social disenfranchisement while presenting commentary on human nature and maybe even the Western world.

Having run the festival circuits in 2010, Red, White, and Blue was released to a wide audience in 2011 and was named by many, including cohost Philip, as one of the top 10 best genre horror films of that year. Your hosts Eric and Philip discuss the film and then interview writer/director Simon Rumley about a movie that will remain with the viewer even days after viewing.

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Episode 056 - Simon Rumley Focus: 2011's Red, White, and Blue

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