Episode 053 – Bill Paxton Focus: 2002’s Frailty

Episode 053 – Bill Paxton Focus: 2002’s Frailty

Actor Bill Paxton who has starred in such genre favorites as Aliens, Near Dark, and A Simple Plan takes a turn behind the camera and directs the 2002 psychological horror film Frailty. Besides directing, he also stars along with Matthew McConaughey and Powers Boothe. The movie is based on a script by fellow Texan Brent Hanley.

One night when a mysterious man walks into an FBI building stating that he knows the identity of a notorious serial killer, a complex and intricate tale is presented that leads back to the 1970’s. The lives of two young brothers and their single parent father are turned upside down when a mysterious turn of events leads to the serial murder of a number of ordinary citizens. What may be a fight between good versus evil, God versus Satan, could actually be nothing more than mental illness and unwarranted abuse of children.

Bill Paxton directs an elaborate story that includes one of the toughest things any director has to face: working with child actors. Coming from Roger Corman’s production company and having worked with such award winning directors as James Cameron, Sam Raimi, Ron Howard, Kathryn Bigelow, among others, Bill Paxton shows that he is as great a talent behind the camera as he is in front of it. Dark Discussions discusses his turn as a director and ponders why he has not been more prolific.

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Episode 053 - Bill Paxton Focus: 2002's Frailty

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