Episode 051 – Anthony D. P. Mann’s Terror of Dracula (2012)

Episode 051 – Anthony D. P. Mann’s Terror of Dracula (2012)

Released on dvd the first week of April, 2012, the new film Terror of Dracula brings the nostalgia of Hammer horror films back to life. Dark Discussions was able to interview some of the folks behind the 2012 film including Anthony D.P. Mann (star/director/co-screenwriter), Bill Bossert (co-producer/co-screenwriter), and Matt O’Neill (poster work and artist).

With an upcoming article in the May issue #313 of Fangoria magazine, the movie has been highly anticipated by folks who have been waiting for a vampire film that brings back the Bram Stoker Dracula that horror fans are passionate about. Anthony, known best as co-host Tony of the HorrorEtc podcast, with the help of Bill Bossert bring to screen an adaption of Stoker’s menace that hasn’t been seen since Frank Langella’s Dracula.

Matt O’Neill discusses his vision for the poster art and dvd cover for the film, his inspiration from the labors of Paul Naschy, Universal, and Hammer, while also discussing his work for such horror giants Greg McLean, director of Wolf Creek and Rogue, and Jon Hewitt, director of Acolytes and X.

Rounding up the episode, Dark Discussions interviews author Mark Allan Gunnells to discuss his new creature feature novel The Quarry while following up with Zach Green of Fatal Pictures about the premier of his film Familiar.

In order of appearance within the episode:

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Episode 051 - Anthony D. P. Mann's Terror of Dracula (2012)

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