Episode 049 – Jon Hewitt Focus: 2008’s Acolytes

Episode 049 – Jon Hewitt Focus: 2008’s Acolytes

A little known director from Australia named Jon Hewitt has been making a number of fine independent productions for some time. However, in 2008 he brought his latest film Acolytes across the world presenting it at film festivals everywhere. After viewers had seen the film, it is no surprise that one of the movie’s biggest triumphs was winning the silver medal for the best film at Austin’s 2008’s Fantastic Fest (beating out such films as Martyrs, The Chaser, and Left Bank; losing only to Let the Right One In).

Acolytes merges horror, thriller, coming-of-age, and teenage angst together into a bleak tale of three young adults discovery of what may be a serial killer that lives in their midst. When our protagonists decide to take an unorthodox way of using their findings, their lives change where dark secrets emerge that will shake the very foundations of not only their community but their very lives.

Director Jon Hewitt arguably is one of today’s best directors of genre films anywhere in the world. Acolytes stars such fantastic talents as Joel Edgerton, Michael Dorman, Hanna Mangan Lawrence (in a star making performance), Joshua Payne, and Sebastion Gregory. Based in Down Under, our director is a talent that Dark Discussions believes everyone should learn more about. We discuss Mr. Hewitt and his breakout film in depth and why everyone should take a peek. So turn out the lights, pull out the popcorn, and go watch a very dark film by a director that Hollywood will soon know a whole lot more about.

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Episode 049 - Jon Hewitt Focus: 2008's Acolytes

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