Episode 048 – 2012’s Stiletto Film Fest (Women in Horror)

Episode 048 – 2012’s Stiletto Film Fest (Women in Horror)

The month of February was named Women in Horror month and what better way to reflect on the prior month with a film festival devoted to women and horror. The second annual Stiletto Film Festival featuring women in horror and their work including acting, screenwriting, producing, and most certainly directing came to Boston. Megan Sacco, a New England based film maker, came up with an idea to celebrate women and their accomplishments in film and the horror genre. But even more importantly, up and coming indy film makers of the female persuasion get an opportunity to show their films to fans and critics alike.

Dark Discussions was able to attend and view many of the films and interview some of the fantastic talent both behind and in front of the cameras. Feature length films such as Susan Adriensen’s Under the Raven’s Wing and Julie Ufema’s Caveat were shown to an audience that was highly rewarded. The short film What They Say starring the beautiful Heather Dorff and stunning Kelsey Zukowski, both out of Chicago, was one of the high lights, and Seattle based film maker, Tonjia Atomic, had her minimalist film Companion leaving folks squirming in their seats. In attendance as judges included actresses Monique Dupree and Melanie Robel.

As the month celebrating women in horror ends, gorgeous actress Seregon O’Dassey tells us all about her work in genre cinema and the independent film scene. Also, author and novelist Hollie Snider discusses her fantasy epic novel with Lovecraftian elements entitled For the Rank of Master.

Dark Discussions would like to thank Megan Sacco for letting us focus an episode on her festival, those who attended, and allowing fans to learn about some projects that everyone should be aware of. Susan Adriensen, Kelsey Zukowski, and Heather Dorff let us interview them right after the showing. Others like Julie Ufema and Tonjia Atomic took time out of their day for skype interviews. Judges Monique Dupree and Melanie Robel blocked off a bit of the festival to let us get their thoughts. And both Seregon O’Dassey and Hollie Snider were wonderful enough to let us interview them for Women in Horror month and show us talent both on film and page. From this day on, horror fans will know that all that is horrible is not just a one gender tradition.

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Episode 048 - 2012's Stiletto Film Fest (Women in Horror)

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