Episode 046 – Bits, Pieces, and Body Parts Volume 2

Episode 046 – Bits, Pieces, and Body Parts Volume 2

It’s been over half a year but finally a second volume of Bits, Pieces, and Body Parts arrives. Yet with this edition we have a bit of a change. Unlike the prior episode, Episode 014, where your cohosts were live discussing genre news and reviewing a film immediately after viewing it at the local theater, this new volume is a mish mash of various subjects and topics.

First off cohosts Gordon and Philip discuss some of your favorite horror icons as was the case in Episode 038, Iconic Characters in Horror. Here a short conversation on Friday the 13th’s Jason Voorhees commences before moving on to a detailed talk of the somewhat overlooked Tony Todd larger than life monster, The Candyman.

Next, fantasy and zombie author Elaine Isaak and thriller author K.D. Mason are interviewed, discussing their novels and what’s coming next. Both will autograph any copies of their novels that are purchased from their websites.

Continuing, Thomas Newman, the director of the zombie film Bong of the Dead and the upcoming zombie western Deadsville, is interviewed where he discusses the home video release of his debut film (February 21st , 2012) and an exciting synopsis of his highly anticipated follow up. Afterwards author Charles Day chats about his debut novel, The Legend of the Pumpkin Thief, which brings the spirit of Halloween together with the nostalgia of a Steven Spielberg movie. Lastly, cohost Eric and Philip interview the owners of Fatal Pictures, Zach Green and Richard Powell, specifically discussing their half hour psychological horror films Worm (to become a feature length production) and Familiar, to be given its world premier at Toronto Frightfest March 2nd, 2012. Familiar will be introduced by Fangoria magazine and the presentation will let the audience meet and greet the film makers.

Once again, join Dark Discussions for another episode of genre fare.

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Episode 046 - Bits, Pieces, and Body Parts Volume 2

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