Episode 045 – Vampires in Folklore and Myth

Episode 045 – Vampires in Folklore and Myth

As discussed in Episodes 021, 023, and 029, The State of Vampires episodes, vampires in film and literature have been a staple in media for a very long time. From such novels as John Polidori’s Vampyre, Sheridan LeFanu’s Carmilla and Bram Stoker’s Dracula, never mind the penny dreadful serial Varney the Vampire, all from the 1800’s, vampires have appeared as both the main character as well as the barely seen threat in genre fiction.

After the written story, next came the impressively done stage plays followed by movies. Culturally, vampires became a large part of visual entertainment that made them larger than life, in some cases as a monstrous and ugly villain as seen in Nosferatu yet in other cases as a charming yet sociopathic individual as portrayed by Bela Lugosi. But whether literature, stage play, or film, the historical monster from folklore and myth has been twisted and redefined from the original legends. Sometimes for the better and sometimes for the worse, vampires have grown and expanded by becoming many subgenres all under the name of the vampire.

Dark Discussions is joined by a very special guest, publisher, historian, and author Inanna Arthen of By Light Unseen Media , to discuss the truth of what a vampire really is. Many questions and confusions are answered including whether the vampire was specific to one culture and/or religion or enlarged by biased single minded historians to include monsters from other cultures that have little traits of the vampire. Such topics as sunlight, garlic, religion, and the rural superstitious mind of the Eastern European peasant are discussed in great detail by Ms. Arthen and how the mythos of the vampire evolved to include the more famous modern tropes as well as those that have been forgotten or modified.

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Episode 045 - Vampires in Folklore and Myth

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