Episode 042 – David Twohy Focus: 2002’s Below

Episode 042 – David Twohy Focus: 2002’s Below

In 2002 a little seen gem of a film appeared with the generic title of Below. This itself may in part be partially to blame for the film having been overlooked. The movie was directed two years later by the Pitch Black helmed director David Twohy. The story takes place in the Atlantic Ocean during World War II focusing on an American submarine that begins to have what seems to be supernatural phenomena occur within its metal shell. With the tragic death of its lead officer, with the rescuing of three mysterious bombing survivors, with unexplained happenings of sound and site, the crew begin to wonder whether or not the submarine has a sociopathic saboteur aboard, whether it has been hexed by a long line of supernatural sailing lore, or whether the ship may actually have some sort of unexplainable malevolent entity within its hull.

Having done the huge success Pitch Black, David Twohy once again delights viewers with a tale of supernatural intrigue that will have the observer keep guessing as the intricate secret of the tale slowly comes into focus. The screenplay written by Darren Aronofsky grounds the story in reality as the crew starts to slowly conclude that what is happening may in fact be paranormal as all truth based reasoning is debunked. Paranoia, claustrophobia, and the hard cold fact that there is no way out from thousands of leagues under the ocean horrifies all aboard.

Dark Discussions discusses the film spoiler free and why everyone who is a fan of horror should take a peek. Starring Bruce Greenwood and Zach Galifianakis in an early role, this Twohy-Aronofsky piece of cinema is a must view. Rounding out the episode, cohosts Mike and Philip discuss comparisons of the film with Dark City, The Thirteenth Floor, The Woman in Black, and a bit of the ghostly tales of author M. R. James.

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Episode 042 - David Twohy Focus: 2002's Below

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