Episode 040 – High School of the Dead

Episode 040 – High School of the Dead

With a large fan base for genre animated films such as Heavy Metal, Fire and Ice, and Beowulf, the West has been denied the variety of product that such nations as Japan has. The land of the rising sun has filled their fanbase with series after series of science fiction, horror, and fantasy animated films both based off of original material and graphic novels. Though Western fans have graphic novels, Japanese manga, and Heavy Metal magazine, cinematic animation has been very limited. Fortunately for decades Japanese anime has been imported and dubbed into many different languages bringing with them fantastical worlds and horrific visuals. Such series as Gantz, Texhnolyze, Ergo Proxy, Mardock Scramble, and Rin have been giving an alternate yet very fulfilling experience equally as Fringe, Dexter, and True Blood have to genre fans.

Dark Discussions focuses on one of the more popular Japanese imports from 2011 entitled High School of the Dead. When a group of five seniors and the twenty-six year old school nurse end up in the epicenter of a global zombie apocalypse, our six survivors attempt a breakout from the high school for lands more forgiving. With additional focus on the zombies, the series gives such shows as The Walking Dead a run for their money. Violence, adult situations, and kinetic mayhem make the struggle of our six core protagonists much more harrowing than your typical zombie media.

With a roaring soundtrack, fantastic animation, a story that has the undertow of the rot of society, and three hundred minutes of frenzy surrounding the action, Dark Discussions brings an overview of one of the most exciting and satisfying viewing experiences from 2011. Get ready for a new take on zombies that illustrates a tired topic and makes it as fresh as a recently risen corpse.

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Episode 040 - High School of the Dead

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