Episode 039 – The Best of 2011

Episode 039 – The Best of 2011

The best of the year: 2011. The definition of what makes a film a 2011 film is pretty tough with genre movies. Many were released in 2010 through the festival circuit but were not available for anyone not in a major metropolitan area. Others were foreign films and due to distribution rights they never made it to cinemas in other nations and were instead released directly to DVD but months after their initial release in their home country. As a result, our definition of a 2011 film is a movie which was rolled out to thousands of theaters or released to DVD for the first time for mass consumption.

Since the films discussed are horror, to define a horror film can be a bit tough too. Each of your co-hosts had their own ideas. Horror comedy, dark thriller, supernatural suspense, exploitation, and of course slashers were considered. Even one film that was released years ago but has a new director’s cut is presented. But should films like Rise of the Planet of the Apes, Contagion, or Hobo With a Shotgun be considered?

Your hosts discuss top ten lists that include some standards like Insidious, Paranormal Activity 3, and Stake Land, but also less known films such as Dream Home, The Reef, and Kidnapped. Others that may raise eyebrows that are discussed include Jon Hewitt’s X, Lars Von Trier’s Melancholia, and Kevin Smith’s Red State. The conversation touches such topics as the biggest disappointments as well as what the new year has ahead. Is 2012 the year Hollywood bounces back with big budget films like Prometheus leading the way? As one listener, Peter from Massachusetts has done, go out and watch as many on our lists as you can.

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Episode 039 - The Best of 2011

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