Episode 038 – Iconic Characters In Horror Volume 1

Episode 038 – Iconic Characters In Horror Volume 1

Since Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein and her creation of the monster, iconic horror characters have entered the imaginations but more so the nightmares of genre fans for generations. Whether they are supernatural monsters that stalk the night for new victims, whether they are wicked sociopaths filled with murdering wrath, whether they are demonic outer beings that collect souls for hell, monsters both human and inhuman have been the focus of frightening and lurid tales both in literature and film alike.

Dark Discussions takes a look into what has frightened audiences over these past forty years. With an eclectic look into the genre, four fiends of death which have brought audiences terror and dread through various film franchises are spotlighted in detail.

  • Michael Myers of John Carpenter’s Halloween fame seems human, yet could there be a supernatural element to his beginnings? The focus of his murderous deeds make him unique as a personality.
  • Jebidiah Morningside, better known as the Tallman in Phantasm, appears to be nothing more than the local mortician but behind closed doors some would say he’s more likely a necromancer, a demon, or maybe even the product of outer dimensions such as hell.
  • Speaking of hell, Clive Barker’s creation of Pinhead, a demon known as a cenobite, comes calling to those who would dare summon him in search of pain and pleasure that no sane human being would seek.
  • Lastly, Freddy Krueger of Wes Craven’s Nightmare on Elm Street returns in the nightmares of the offspring of those who murdered him after discovering while alive he had killed children for pleasure.

Philip and Gordon discuss each monster and their film franchises in detail. To wrap up the episode, from the mail bag, a number of zombie podcasts are focused on (thanks to listener Wodan). They include Darker Projects which features an audio production of David Moody’s ‘Autumn’ in six parts as well as an original, ongoing zombie production called ‘Alive Inside’. Also the website Zombie Astronaut, though older, has a number of zombie audio productions for your listening pleasure.  Welcome once again to another Dark Discussion.

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Episode 038 - Iconic Characters In Horror Volume 1

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