Episode 035 – Jonathan Maberry’s Dead of Night

Episode 035 – Jonathan Maberry’s Dead of Night

By an author which has many anthologies, short stories, novels, comic books, and young adult books all coming out at what seems to be at the same time, Jonathan Maberry’s latest novel with a title that sounds as if it is that of an old black and white film noir was released just in time for Halloween on October 25th, 2011. Dead of Night, a thrilling and compelling zombie plague story, is much more than the generic sounding title that it is called.

When a serial killer is executed at a Pennsylvania maximum security prison, unbeknownst to some, the body is claimed by an unknown relative from a rural south eastern county of the commonwealth. Reporter Billy Trout starts an investigation on what could be a significant story that eventually turns into much more than he ever expected. As his findings turn into shock, police officers JT Hammond and Desdemona Fox are called to what appears to be a routine break in at the local mortuary and funeral parlor. When what they discover is actually a major crime scene, they are forced into a life and death scenario that suddenly turns into something way over their pay grade.

Co-hosts Chris and Philip discuss the next novel that should be on your reading agenda. Zombie fans will be delighted while those who are all zombied out will be encouraged by a new spin on a subgenre that needs a fresh take. Afterwards, we have a number of interviews. Eric S. Brown, author of many zombie, werewolf, and sasquatch books, is interviewed about his works and his December 2011 release A Pack of Wolves. An author from North Carolina, Eric has dabbled within the science fiction and horror genres with such titles as the Bigfoot Wars. Next up is comic book writer and creator Everett Soares of the graphic novel series Sky Pirates of Valendor. Lastly we have director Mike Neel who discusses his movies Drive In Horror Show and Infinite Santa.

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Episode 035 - Jonathan Maberry's Dead of Night

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