Episode 032 – 2011’s AnthoCon

Episode 032 – 2011’s AnthoCon

Stated on their website, AnthoCon is northern New England’s only speculative fiction convention (which) showcases imaginative brilliance in speculative fiction and art, with an additional focus on the convergence of images and literature. Dark Discussions attended the convention as members of the media to mingle with fellow attendees, meet the various guests, and interview folks both famous and up and comers who’ve written novels, short stories, comics, and presented art in all the subgenres of the fantastic: horror, science fiction, fantasy, techno-thrillers, thrillers, and mysteries.

In Episode 030, cohost Philip interviewed best selling horror authors Jonathan Maberry and Gord Rollo. With the latest episode of Dark Discussions, we interview other authors and artists who have spectacular genre work that all listeners of the show should not only know about but also partake in their works. Publishers like Evil Jester Press, Pink Narcissus, Raw Dog Screaming Press, and By Light Unseen Media promoted their novels and anthologies. The next generation of authors were selling their works and signing their books. Fantasy artists from the ilk of such famous artists as Frank Frazetta, Simon Bisley, and Boris Vallejo sold originals and copies of their artwork. Hand in hand with all this was a presentation of the history of absinthe followed by a tasting from the convention’s sponsor Lucid absinthe out of New Orleans.

Put on your reader’s cap and grab a pen so you can start jotting down the names of all the horror and genre books that should be next on your reading queue.

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Episode 032 - 2011's AnthoCon

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