Episode 030 – Jonathan Maberry and Gord Rollo (Anthocon 2011)

Episode 030 – Jonathan Maberry and Gord Rollo (Anthocon 2011)

For horror fiction fans, Jonathan Maberry and Gord Rollo are two of the most popular horror writers to bring frights and chills to readers throughout the world. Jonathan Maberry is a New York Times best selling author and has won such prestigious awards as the Bram Stoker Award for best first novel. His career includes ten horror and techno-thriller novels including books about zombies, werewolves, both pre and post apocalyptic worlds, and bio genetic monsters. He has contributed to numerous horror and genre anthologies plus is a comic book freelance author.

Gord Rollo has four published novels including Jigsaw Man, Valley of the Scarecrow, Strange Magic, and Crimson. From a modern day Frankenstein to deals with the devil, his novels have become favorites of readers who love horror based in real world settings as well as those focusing within the supernatural. His short fiction has been part of some of the more popular horror anthologies.

Dark Discussions was able to interview both authors at the Portsmouth, NH (U.S.A.) 2011’s Anthocon speculative writers and artists convention focusing on such genres as horror, fantasy, science fiction, techno-thrillers, thrillers, and mysteries. Both Jonathan Maberry and Gord Rollo read for attendees and were able to answer questions for fans and readers alike. Each were kind enough to take some time with cohost Philip. Some highlights include Jonathan Maberry taking us through a funny story between himself, Charlaine Harris (author of True Blood) and Jeff Lindsay (author of Dexter). Also while interviewing Gord Rollo we have an appearance by Brian Keene. But both Jonathan Maberry and Gord Rollo let the listeners know more about their work, their writing, and all that goes bump in the night.

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Episode 030 - Jonathan Maberry and Gord Rollo (Anthocon 2011)

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