Episode 028 – Christopher Smith Focus: 2009’s Triangle

Episode 028 – Christopher Smith Focus: 2009’s Triangle

Dark Discussions continues their four episode focus on Christopher Smith and his films.

In 2009, genre favorite, Christopher Smith, directs and screen writes his latest feature film, Triangle, a story that appears to be many things at once before turning itself into a tremendous opus and arguably one of the top horror films in over a decade. Fangoria magazine even trumps that and states it to be one of the top 300 greatest horror films of all time. Your hosts at Dark Discussions not only agree but also give their own praise upon a fantastic film by a fantastic film maker. The film stars genre favorite Melissa George in arguably the best performance of her career. Not only has she cemented herself as a modern day scream queen but with Triangle she shows she is an overlooked actress both in performance and beauty.

On a beautiful sunny day not far from the stunning beaches of Miami, she, her boyfriend, and a group of their friends head out on an all day Saturday sailing cruise. The tranquil setting is suddenly interrupted by ominous storm clouds and a mysterious distress call from an unknown person. What seems to be a standard chronicle about a ghost ship suddenly veers into a story that may be anything from mental instability to the manifestation of hell on the high seas. With its atmospheric setting, its slow uncomfortable burn, and one of the most iconic visuals ever in horror film, Triangle is a movie that any true horror fan must see.

Dark Discussions brings their view to this horror cinema masterpiece. Discussing the background of the plot, Eric and Philip thrash out the intricate detail Christopher Smith put into the screenwriting and how he was able to tie everything together within an ambiguous story that leaves the viewer guessing at every turn. As the backdrop, the Bermuda Triangle and its mythos penetrate every scene from the opening placard until the bitter end. Listeners, get ready for a podcast about a film that every horror fan must see. Even after the credits have rolled all who’ve experienced this motion picture will be left with conjecture and maybe even nightmares.

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Episode 028 - Christopher Smith Focus: 2009's Triangle

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