Episode 027 – Halloween Special Top Ten

Episode 027 – Halloween Special Top Ten

Horror film fans, welcome to a special edition of Dark Discussions. Horror, horror, and more horror. We drop the science fiction, the techno-thrillers, and the fantasy films for a straight out take on the films that make Samhain and Halloween the time of year we all love. But what makes a great horror film? What keeps us up at night? And most importantly what makes us shift in our seats while we watch a good horror tale at a cinema or on a television?

Who hasn’t done top ten lists? Until now, Dark Discussions has not. Now that we are at the midyear point of our existence and you, listeners, know us through your iPods and computers, we figured it was time to list the films that make us get that little knot of dread in our stomachs when we watch them. Eric, Philip, and Mike present each their top ten lists of horror. You won’t find any films on our lists for historical importance. No Nosferatu, no Cabinet of Dr. Caligari. Simply horror and only horror.

For a hint of what we have for you, we each put together our own top ten mostly based on production value, rewatchability, and impact on our fear level. Mike has two directors with two films each represented. Philip has one director with two films on his list, but a different director than the two Mike has listed. And only one film is represented on all three lists. Philip gives his in alphabetical order while Eric and Mike are much more confident in their rankings.

Dark Discussions would like to salute you, faithful listeners, for letting us discuss with you the things which scare us these past six months. So to all of you, a very hardy thank you.

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Episode 027 - Halloween Special Top Ten

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