Episode 026 – 2011’s Rock and Shock Convention

Episode 026 – 2011’s Rock and Shock Convention

2011’s Rock and Shock horror convention, October 14th-16th, was once again an absolute success during the month of Halloween.  Fans were able to meet some of their favorite horror actors, actresses, and novelists and then mingle with such movie monster icons as Jason Voorhees, ChromeSkull, and Freddy Krueger. In attendance were genre favorites Bill Moseley, Kane Hodder, Camille Keaton, Ian McCulloch, Robert Englund, Monique Dupree, Sarah French, and Joe Knetter just to name a few.

Dark Discussions, as press agents, were able to interview a number of folks including some of the cast and crew of the film Inkubus, Robert Englund’s new monster flick which world premiered with Mr. Englund in attendance (Episode 025 of Dark Discussions focuses exclusively on the film).

With this second part of the convention coverage, Gordon and Philip were able to interview some of the more famous folks in attendance including such talents as Bill Moseley of  the Devil’s Rejects and The Texas Chain Saw Massacre 2, Camille Keaton of I Spit On Your Grave and What Have You Done to Solange?, Joe Knetter author and screenwriter, and Ian McCulloch of Zombi and Zombie Holocaust but also a number of up and comers including the cast and crew of the new and exciting independent production entitled Serena and the Ratts.

Dark Discussions would like to thank Rock and Shock for their hospitality. As in prior years, Rock and Shock was a complete success and based off what the attendees said, they can’t wait for next year.

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Episode 026 - 2011's Rock and Shock Convention

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