Episode 025 – Review – Robert Englund’s Inkubus

Episode 025 – Review – Robert Englund’s Inkubus

Inkubus, a new and exciting horror movie, filmed in Rhode Island and starring Robert Englund, William Forsythe, Joey Fatone, and Jonathan Silverman, premiered on October 15th, 2011 at the horror convention Rock and Shock in Worcester, Massachusetts. Dark Discussions was able to attend and both prior and after the viewing received full access to the film makers as well as a number of the cast and crew. Philip and Gordon interview talented first time director Glenn Ciano and learn first hand about his vision and the background of an incredibly powerful horror film. Also Ben DeLuca, the cinematographer, ponders his role and what makes it one of the most frightening movie experiences in psychological horror to date.

The film extends to a limited release on October 28th, 2011 right in time for Halloween and by early 2012 will be available on demand to over 80 million homes. Philip and Gordon give their thoughts on a very scary and well made film but first listen to Robert Englund and William Forsythe during round table discussions and interview various members of the cast and crew. As if in attendance with Dark Discussions, all our listeners get passes behind the curtain and learn first hand from all the participants about not only the making of this top notch film but also possibly a new horror franchise around a villain simply known as Inkubus.

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Episode 025 - Review - Robert Englund's Inkubus

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