Episode 023 – The State of Vampires Part 2

Episode 023 – The State of Vampires Part 2

As the 1990’s begin, the tale of nosferatu, the vampire, follows many different approaches that quite differ from the historical monster known to be the spawn of hell and an enemy of Christianity and the Roman Catholic Church. With Anne Rice’s 1973 novel Interview With the Vampire produced for the big screen, vampires, though still quite violent and horrific, start to take on a new face. Romantic themes permeate the back story as death and loss follow every move of the creatures of the night. Vampires as central characters become the focus of such films.

As protagonists and antiheroes, the vampire becomes an individual that film audiences are more able to feel for but as a result the horror element begins to fade from the mythos. Stories such as Underworld and Blade make the monster almost appear as if they are superheroes. Action and stylized violence brings a rebirth to a tired genre but also makes fans of the traditional monster wish for the bygone days.

While such series as the Twilight Saga bring in a new audience of fans, those searching for the vampire as a monster are offered such films as 30 Days of Night, Stakeland and Let the Right One In bringing hope to the devotee of traditional vampires. Other takes include a scientific approach such as Daybreakers, a gothic return to the Hammer days with Lesbian Vampire Killers, the Korean film Thirst filled with Catholicism essentials, and a coming of age horror tale The Hamiltons.

Dark Discussions continues with their second part of their vampire retrospective. Philip and Mike talk about how the vampire has changed these past few years and what it means to cinema and the history of the monster. From Dusk Till Dawn to 2011’s Fright Night, though the vampire may have changed, their taste for human blood has not. Come listen, faithful listeners, as we all wait for the sun to rise.

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Episode 023 - The State of Vampires Part 2

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