Episode 021 – The State of Vampires Part One

Episode 021 – The State of Vampires Part One

Though vampires have been part of the fabric of myths and folklore throughout the centuries of both cultures and countries, it wasn’t until a fifty year old Irish immigrant and theater manager out of England named Abraham Stoker published a pulp novel entitled Dracula that the creatures of the night developed into arguably the most important monster in horror and genre fiction ever. Bram Stoker’s creation brought about a sociopathic being of a sexual predatory nature that entered the nightmares of any who happened to read this very successful tale of the supernatural.

Beginning with Universal Pictures 1931 film Dracula starring acting legend Bela Lugosi, this iconic character lead the way for such other movie monster franchises as Frankenstein, the Wolfman, and our more modern nightmares of Freddy Krueger, Leatherface, and Michael Myers. Other production companies followed with their take. Hammer Studios beginning in the late 1950’s brought Christopher Lee to the role and a run of both Dracula and vampire films filled with gothic, exploitation, and horror essentials made for an entertaining and chilling success of a film.

Yet with the cultural revolution of the motion picture, where such shocking cinema as Bonnie and Clyde, Midnight Cowboy, and the grindhouse films of New York’s 42nd Street came to fruition, the vampire, too, had an upheaval that brought the vampire into the modern world. Your hosts, Mike and Philip, discuss the beginnings of this monster, its turn from the gentleman fiend that Bela Lugosi portrayed to its various roles in such films as Near Dark, Martin, and ‘Salem’s Lot. Lock your doors, listeners, as Dark Discussions gives its view during this first part of a very blood letting dialogue between our hosts on the lurid nightmare known to many as simply nosferatu.

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Episode 021 - The State of Vampires Part One

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