Episode 020A – 2011 Horror Realm Convention (2 Parts)

Episode 020A – 2011 Horror Realm Convention (2 Parts)

Two files, one episode. No kidding, you read that correctly. Dark Discussions presents to you a two part episode of 2011’s Horror Realm Convention, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania’s great horror symposium. Now in existence for three years, Horror Realm revels in the fact that it resides in the city of the living dead. That’s right, George A. Romero’s Night of the Living Dead as well as Dawn of the Dead not only take place in the suburbs of the city, but George A. Romero and the majority of the cast and crew are all natives to Pittsburgh and its surrounding areas. Though the Pittsburgh Pirates have been a member of the living dead for many years, however just like the Steelers, zombies are alive and well.

Dark Discussions presents to our listeners interviews and more interviews. Mike drives the four to six hours, scavenging for gas, food, and water while avoiding the zombie apocalypse to get to downtown Pittsburgh. With a host of horror names like Jack Ketchum, Bill Moseley, Ken Foree, Tiffany Shepis, Kim Paffenroth, Linnea Quigley, among others, Horror Realm offered multiple venders, authors, and film producers for the fans to meet and talk with.

Rather than go into details of who Mike spoke with, let’s simply list out the folks and their contact information. To learn more, listen to the two part podcast if you dare.

Part One

Part Two

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Episode 020A - 2011 Horror Realm Convention (2 Parts)

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