Episode 017 – Christopher Smith Focus: 2006’s Severance

Episode 017 – Christopher Smith Focus: 2006’s Severance

In 2006, Christopher Smith, the British director/screenwriter who came bursting onto the horror scene with the Franka Potente starring film Creep, comes back with his second feature length film, Severance. On a team building trip out in the wilderness of Eastern Europe, a group of defense company employees land up in a nightmare where what should have been at worst a boring digression turns into a terrifying excursion into hell.

Christopher Smith brings to the horror fan a dark comedy that seems to get its humor from the ridiculous tripe of organizational behavior while bringing the dread of the most chilling slasher films. As our group of protagonists bumble around on a trip that the majority of them prefer not to have attended, a dark secret about their employer comes to the forefront where the not too distant past may have finally caught up to the present.

Dark Discussions, in its ongoing retrospective of Christopher Smith and his films, present an in-depth look into Severance. Philip and Eric discuss the nature of what makes a great horror comedy. Almost like a chameleon, Mr. Smith has shown his talent from being able to move from one horror subgenre to another without missing a step. Severance is the slasher version of Shaun of the Dead and equals it in both gore and dark humor.

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Episode 017 - Christopher Smith Focus: 2006's Severance

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