Episode 008 – Let Me In

Episode 008 – Let Me In

During the year of our Lord 2004, the debut novel of an unknown author from Sweden changed the mythos of one of the most mysterious and dangerous monsters of horror legend. Prior to its release, vampires had slowly become the stock character of numerous romantic and teenage horror books and films. However this original take on the creature of the night stood out from the more common romantic view of the vampire.

When John Ajvide Lindqvist saw his novel Let the Right One In published within his home country, it immediately landed an audience and became a best seller. Almost without delay scores of movie producers throughout Sweden battled for the film rights to this original and chilling work of fiction. Four years later the Swedish language film with its screenplay written by Lindqvist made its debut and the story suddenly became an international sensation. A second adaption entitled Let Me In was made in 2010 to almost as much critical acclaim.

Philip takes the mic and goes deep into why this story, both book and films, has had such an impact on its readers and viewership. With the melancholy sadness of the lead protagonists to the socially disenfranchised supporting characters, the story may be much more than a standard horror tale. A vampire may haunt this small suburban town but one wonders if the real horror presented is actually social inequity, human nature, mental illness, and the struggle with daily life.

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Episode 008 - Let Me In

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