Episode 006 – Frank Darabont Retrospective Part ONE

Episode 006 – Frank Darabont Retrospective Part ONE

In 1979, a young inspiring film student took advantage of an opportunity called a Dollar Baby, Stephen King’s generous way of giving back to the next generation of film makers. With the permission to make an adaption of one of the author’s short stories, Frank Darabont at the young age of twenty proceeded to make a short film which would go on to reach the semi-finalist list of the 1983 Academy Awards.

Within five years he would have screenwriter credits to the third installment of the Chuck Russell directed Nightmare on Elm Street Dream Warriors, a huge box office hit and ranked by critics as the best in the series after the original. A year later Frank Darabont reteamed with Chuck Russell and once again writes the screenplay for the remake of The Blob, a film listed by Fangoria magazine as one of the 300 best horror films of all time.

By the mid-1990’s his collaboration with Stephen King grew to include some of the best adaptations of the author’s works ever. First came the film The Shawshank Redemption, a heart wrenching story full of hope and salvation, which went on to garner seven Academy Award nominations. His follow up, The Green Mile, a story of faith and credence in a death row cellblock, went on to be nominated for four Academy Awards, including best screenwriter.

Your hosts discuss Mr. Darabont and his contributions to genre cinema during this beginning period of his spectacular career. To have an artist cross over from B-movie madness to critically acclaimed award winning cinema has given a new legitimacy to horror, science fiction, and fantasy.

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Episode 006 - Frank Darabont Retrospective Part ONE

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