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Dark Discussions is always looking for feedback.

As our podcast goes forward, we are always looking for emails and attached mp3 files sent to us discussing any films you have seen, ideas you are interested in, or any other form of communication that you'd want to inform us of. 

Future podcasts will include your voice mails as part of our show as well as your emails read out for our listeners to enjoy.

Below, press our little email box or simply go to your email tool and send every and all to

For the future:


As listernership expands we will eventually have a phone number voicebox that you can leave your messages as well.

This site and podcast will always remain free.  Maybe one day we'll have a little donation box since the cost of the website and tools to make the podcasts and website have cost a tiny bit of money. But the main reason we do this is because we enjoy talking about horror, science fiction, and fantasy films and books.  We are just two fans that decided to include the www and all the people out there who have the same passions as us.